A message to a dear friend

“A message to a dear friend “

“I knew that you would come along to save me” were his last words. I (Jack) am a soldier and I had a best friend (Dylan) whose no more. Two years back we were fighting a war for our country. The battlefield was difficult and there were constant bullets and grenade attacks from our enemy. We gave our best shot and did our best to defend. Suddenly someone told me that my best friend Dylan is injured badly as a bullet just hit him.

My captain told me that do not leave your position and go to your friend. He will not be alive anyway, just concentrate on what you are doing. I still went to save my friend and he told me that he was waiting for me to take him to a safe place. He told me he wanted to live more. But, destiny had some other plans and my friend died after five minutes. My captain told me that he told it is of no use. I told him that at least I tried saving my friend until his last breath and that is my duty as a friend. My friend’s last words were also the same; he knew that I would come to save him. We won the battle but I lost my friend. I wish I could have saved him, I still remember him with moist eyes.

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