broken Heart messages

” broken Heart messages”

Well you were the one I trusted for so long
You were the one to whom I belonged
You played with my heart and cheated on me
Everywhere blame I can see
You have broken me into pieces
I can’t take off the cease
Why did you do this with me I want to know
I want some remorse you must show
Of the betrayal that you gave me!

Consequence or Result

Tears of blood fall from my broken heart.
I never thought we would be apart.

When you held me, you said “forever.”
Now that you’re gone, I know you meant “never.”

Saying you love me with that look in your eye,
And that was a cold-heated lie.

Your tender touch, a soft kiss,
Two things about you I will miss.

As I sit here thinking about you,
My face is wet with tears past due.

I should’ve cried a long time ago,
But I loved you so.

I know they say love is blind,
But I had only you on my mind.

A hurt so deep it cuts like a knife,
But wounds heal and I’ll go on with my life.